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What makes Your Custom Organizers unique is the system that holds your inserts. The system is called a disc-bound notebook. Imagine a spiral notebook and a binder reproducing, the result is a disc-bound system. This system allows you to perfectly organize and personalize your organizer. The pages can be easily removed, rearranged and additional pages can be added. The discs come in various sizes allowing you to make the organizer as big or small as you like. With the disc-bound system you will never look at a notebook, portfolio, or binder the same again.  

We offer:

  • Leather disc-bounds in black & brown
  • Vinyl discc-bounds in black & clear

Your Custom Organizers were created to help individuals find a new way to stay organized, set goals, increase productivity and become self accountable. Our organizers are goal setting simplified: What is your VISION, What is your FOCUS, What are your ACTIONS? We wanted to offer more than just a basic calendar, (which if that is what you want they can be purchased in stores and are compatible with our other inserts). We created an organizer to help keep you organized, focused, and thinking.

We currently have four product categories available for purchase. 

  • Disc-bound notebooks - you will purchase this once and use it year after year. You have an option of a notebook or leather portfolio and it will carry all of your inserts and accessories.
  •  Goal Setting & Accountability Calendars - allows you to set your goals and track your accountability for those goals throughout the year, month, week or day. These are available in monthly, weekly or daily packages.
  • Goal Setting Only Calendars - allows you to set your goals for the year, month, week and/or day. These are available in monthly, weekly or daily packages.
  • Additional inserts - we will continue to grow this category. Currently we offer:
    • Project Pages - designed to help you manage any project, whether for business, home or school. These pages allow for space to take notes for the project, assign tasks, set a budget and a timeline. The back pages have ample space for additional notes and brainstorming
    • Note Pages - are great for note taking whether for business, personal or school. 

All of our inserts are printed on 32 lb paper with disc-bound edges that allow the pages to be moved conveniently throughout your organizer.  

Please revisit this page in future - 2020 under construction

Your Custom Organizers are designed with interchangeable and customizable options that allow you to create an organizer that meets your specific needs. This is not just a calendar, these organizers were developed to provide a new way to stay organized, set goals and track accountability, and select specific inserts that you will actually use. No longer do you have to carry around pages that will end up being used to discard your chewing gum. No more carrying multiple notes, extra pages that you will never use, or continuing to purchase an entire planner every year. As we continue to get feedback we will continue to develop new inserts that provide solutions to meet our customers organizational needs.

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